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Who We Are, What We Do 

— and Don’t Do

Fomite is a post-capitalist operation in which the authors get almost all profits, and Fomite gets little or nothing beyond expenses. We have no plans to "make money" with the press, only to serve the writing community by bringing out high-level literary work and making it available.

We ask for the non-exclusive right to publish and/or sell works in printed and electronic forms in English. The author retains all other rights. If your book is a hit, and Random House or Universal Studios offer you a contract, you are free to take it.

Fomite uses print on demand (POD) technology to publish novels, short story collections, poetry and selected non-fiction works.

As a POD publisher, we do not do print runs, and our books are not returnable, which means book stores order on request instead of stocking them. Given our division of spoils, we do not have a promotion budget, and we can’t send out review copies for you, or send you on tour. 

What Fomite does

• works with authors on editing and copy-editing until reaching mutual author/publisher approval

• works with authors to design or obtain a mutually agreeable cover and interior layout

• produces a trade paperback edition of the work

• produces ebook versions of the work in the major ebook formats

• provides ISBN and Library of Congress numbers

• provides a final copy to the Library of Congress 

• lists each book in the available databases (Amazon, Ingram)

• includes a list of all Fomite books at the back of each Fomite book

• provides pages on the Fomite website for each author, with links to author websites, blogs, reviews and events.

• makes printed copies of the work available for author purchase at the maximum discount possible.

• authors receive 80% of the royalties generated from the sale of their books. The remaining 20% goes back to Fomite to cover expenses such as ISBN numbers, galleys, and website hosting.  

• We don’t charge for any of these services. 

Fomite expects its authors to

• work with its editors to produce a mutually satisfactory manuscript

• review pdfs and proofs for errors as part of a proof-reading team, and approving the final proof for publication

• collaborate on formatting choices as appropriate for print on demand and ebook templates

• supply or approve cover art and design

• set the retail price of their books

• supply blurbs, author bios, and book descriptions

• market their own work in whatever way they wish. This may include developing and distributing press releases, soliciting blurbs and reviews, or arranging interviews and appearances. 

• utilize their personal author/book blog page at whatever level feels comfortable

• consider making author-read audio versions of their work for online podcast

• be alert for joint readings or other outreach possibilities for other Fomite authors 

• guarantee that no legal consequences for Fomite will ensue by making sure that the work is original, and that the author has obtained all of the necessary permissions for quotes, graphics, and other copyrighted material used in the work

We look forward to working closely with our authors, and creating a mutually supportive Fomite community exploring the new dimensions of publishing.