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Dual Language - English/Arabic

Cover art - Peter Schumann

When You Remember Deir Yassin is a collection of poems by R. L. Green, an American Jewish writer, on the subject of the occupation and destruction of Palestine. The poems are offered in the original English with translations into Arabic by Mousa Ishaq and Kristen Peterson-Ishaq.

About the Author

R. L. Green is a poet, musician, music producer and painter. He has worked in the food and textile industries, and was a mental health counselor for more than 30 years, closing his practice in 2011 to devote full attention to the arts.


“Robert Green’s anguished poetry speaks with raw emotion, evoking the decades of conflict and intimate injustices between Arab and Jew in the land that is now Israel and Palestine. As a Jewish writer, Green is as familiar with the tragedy of the Nazi Holocaust as the massacre at Deir Yassin. He challenges his friends and family to open their hearts to the experiences of the people who bore the brunt of the Jewish catastrophe, the subsequent ‘War of Liberation’, and the ongoing brutality of the Israeli occupation. By bluntly giving voice to the voiceless, he also challenges us all to join in his vision with both compassion and outrage.”

—Alice Rothchild MD, author of Broken Promises, Broken Dreams: Stories of Jewish and Palestinian Trauma and Resilience

“Bob's Green's poems are socially-minded, musical and incandescent. They shine with inspiration and beauty and are essential for our human culture.”

—Aaron Kiely, Torch Magazine NYC

“Bob Green understands that dissent is patriotism and ‘My country right or wrong’ is a threat to democracy, to freedom. His writings confront and criticize these issues with love, anguish and bravery.”

—Suze Rotolo 

“‘I speak of Palestine,’ writes Robert Green. In these lacerating poems he speaks of Deir Yassin, of Gaza, of Arab workers in trucks ‘like Johannesburg,’ of the wall that ‘slices Palestine,’ of bullets fired into the body of a young Palestinian girl, of a normal ‘Palestine Monday’ with food shortages, killings, arrests, bulldozers, children taken away without charge. And he speaks to those who call Israel exclusively their own, urging them to acknowledge history and its moral implications: ‘When will I visit you in Tel Aviv?... When you remember Deir Yassin.’ Robert Green’s remarkable poems bear witness to the great gift we are given when a human being is courageous enough to speak the truth – and able to do so with such grace and power. ”

—Lisa Suhair Majaj, author of Geographies of Light