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Cover art by Douglas Kinsey


I am constantly amazed by the elegance and surprising disturbance in language and syntax that thrills me in Goldensohn’s work, like Melville’s “happy toothache”—there are live roots in these lovely, sometimes painful moments, which almost violently win my attention. He’s always been, as a poet, a lyric storyteller who writes with clarity, and of course, a brilliant, musical sense of how often a profound solemnity invades our lives, even at this very moment of plague, for example.

— Norman Dubie, author of The Quotations of Bone, winner of the 2016 Griffin International Poetry Prize

About the Author

Barry Goldensohn is the author of 6 collections of poems. He has taught at Goddard College, Iowa Writers’ Workshop, Hampshire College and Skidmore College. When not at home in Cabot, Vermont, he can be found in Berkeley, NYC, Paris or London with his wife, the poet and scholar, Lorrie Goldensohn.