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Visiting Hours, a novel-in-stories, explores the lives of people not normally met on the page—AIDS patients and those who care for them. Set in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and written with large and frequent dollops of humor, the book is a profound meditation on faith and love in the face of illness and poverty.

‍About ‍the ‍Author:

‍Jennifer ‍Anne ‍Moses ‍is ‍a ‍writer ‍and ‍painter. ‍Other ‍books ‍include ‍Food ‍and ‍Whine ‍and ‍Bagels ‍and ‍Grits: ‍A ‍Jew ‍on ‍the ‍Bayou. ‍She ‍lives ‍with ‍her ‍husband, ‍three ‍children, ‍and ‍two ‍mutts ‍in ‍Montclair, ‍New ‍Jersey. ‍



‍“Three ‍Books ‍You’ll ‍Love” ‍—HIV ‍Plus ‍Magazine

‍“Translating ‍Voices ‍to ‍the ‍Page ‍and ‍Canvas” ‍

‍Article ‍by ‍Elaine ‍Durbach ‍in ‍New ‍Jersey ‍Jewish ‍News

‍Review ‍by ‍Josh ‍Hanagarne, ‍World’s ‍Strongest ‍Librarian

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‍“Unforgettable ‍characters ‍populate ‍Visiting ‍Hours

‍—Review ‍by ‍Greg ‍Langley

‍Visiting ‍Hours ‍Are ‍Over!

‍- ‍Review ‍by ‍Mike ‍Smith, ‍HuffPost ‍Books


“With an eye every bit as ruthless and penetrating as Flannery O’Connor’s, Jennifer Anne Moses yet manages to orchestrate from the interconnected voices in this collection of stories a chorale of grace and redemption.”  

 James Wilcox, author of Modern Baptists

“Not tragic. Not comic. Not tragicomic, not melancholy, not any easy adjective—these stories, this place of dreams and dying created by Jennifer Moses, left me moved in very unexpected ways because of the utter originality of her characters and their voices, and the singularity of their dreams. Never met them before, and might never meet them again, and that's what makes them unforgettable.”

— Susan Straight, author of Highwire Moon and Take One Candle Light a Room

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