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“Every poet has a voice, some thin and some strong. J.C. Ellefson has an honest-to-God howl—the long, musical kind that breaks hearts for miles in any direction. His inspiration here is Whitman, but Ellefson isn’t satisfied with simple literary allusion. He’s out to contain actual multitudes—intelligent collies, drunken horse wranglers, old women who burn with wisdom, hole-in-the-wall pot farmers, blacksmiths left bereft when their day is done. And that’s one way to say it—Under The Influence is genuinely large. Does J.C. Ellefson care if his book of poems bursts out in prose, and tells here and there a short story with the authentic power of a novel? Spoiler alert: J.C. Ellefson does not give one rat’s ass. And another: after reading this book, you will have learned to love everybody in the world. Everybody. Everybody.” 

—Philip Baruth, author of Senator Leahy and The Brothers Boswell

‍About ‍the ‍Author:

‍At ‍one ‍time ‍or ‍another, ‍J.C. ‍Ellefson ‍has ‍made ‍his ‍living ‍as ‍a ‍hired ‍hand, ‍a ‍blacksmith, ‍and ‍a ‍fiddler ‍in ‍an ‍old-timey ‍band. ‍He ‍has ‍taught ‍at ‍Shanghai ‍International ‍Studies ‍University, ‍the ‍Universidade ‍Dos ‍Acores, ‍and ‍he ‍has ‍had ‍poetry ‍and ‍some ‍short ‍fiction ‍published ‍in ‍magazines ‍throughout ‍the ‍United ‍States, ‍Canada, ‍Great ‍Britain, ‍France, ‍and ‍Japan. ‍At ‍this ‍time, ‍Jim ‍teaches ‍writing ‍and ‍literature ‍at ‍Champlain ‍College, ‍where ‍he ‍is ‍the ‍Poet-In-Residence--and ‍chair ‍of ‍The ‍Committee ‍on ‍Verbal ‍Insurrection. ‍Jim ‍and ‍his ‍wife, ‍Lesley ‍Wright, ‍direct ‍the ‍Champlain ‍College ‍Young ‍Writers' ‍Conference, ‍as ‍well ‍as ‍own ‍and ‍operate ‍Summer's ‍Gale ‍Farm ‍in ‍Leicester, ‍VT.

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