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‍ Twenty Two Instructions for Near Survival: You start reading a book, but suddenly the words crowd against each other and a riot ensues. Later a group of men with shovels sails down a river on their way to dig the great pit. But the pit will never be built. In another time and place a drunk wakes up one morning with a hangover and a surprising translation of an ancient prayer. 

Twenty Two Instructions for Near Survival: The instructions are everywhere and nowhere. You might observe them, for example, at the top of the hill where Sisyphus has spent years hauling his rocks. Or late at night when an old man looks to recover his past by touching the rails of long forgotten train lines. Or at the end of a long day where a little boy blows a horn so that his hometown does not fall down. Or as a courier strives to deliver his message before it is too late.

About the Author:

Roger Lebovitz is the author ofA Guide to the Western Slope and the Outlying Areas (Fomite Press, 2015). He lives with his family in Burlington, Vermont, where he keeps a variety of literary projects on the front and back burners.Twenty Two Instructions for Near Survival is his second book.