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…To look for stories the way we look for rain — out the window, in puddles, signs of movement, contact. A torrent of situations, cascading into heaps of paper, boxes, situations…The Way None of This Happened…120 or so prose entries from 40 years of writing…Out there in the nowhere…The sound of traffic or water moving through a pipe, some image of the rest of the world passing by…As these known worlds become apparent, the manual suggests looking for similarities…Overseen, as in overheard… After all, as someone once said, this is just writing.

About the Author

Mike Breiner was born All Saint’s Day, 1952. He shares the date with Ivy Mike, the first test of a U.S. thermonuclear device, which was detonated on November 1, 1952 on Enewetak, an atoll in the Pacific Ocean. Breiner has been involved with an ongoing series of open readings in Burlington that Tinker Greene began in the early 1970s, and was a founding member of the Poet’s Mimeo Cooperative, a publishing collective that grew out of those readings. He currently hosts the latest installment of these readings at the Flynndog Gallery. He resides with Linda Del Hagen in South Burlington.


“There’s this cross between Basho’s travel book and Iain Sinclair…

— Jay Stevens, author of Storming Heaven: LSD and the American Dream