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Exhibit of artwork by Delia Robinson

Highland Center for the Arts, Greensboro, VT

May 6 – June 4, 2023

Opening reception Sunday, May 7, 3-5pm

Other Fomite Books by Delia Robinson

A Shirtwaist Story

Cover and interior artwork




The Annotated Nose

Cover only

Miriam’s Book

About the storied event depicted by paintings, sculptures, and whistles in this book, Delia Robinson writes:

"The Flood and subsequent repopulation myths have actively stirred my creative imagination for years. The surprise is how widespread they are.  It is disturbing to consider that water, the source of the lush beauty of our planet, is often described as a purposely-harnessed agent of destruction, the punishing tool of an angered deity. As if to balance that premise, this terrifying story of mass slaughter has somehow been reduced to pretty motifs suitable for decorating a nursery — cute little arks and animals with all their wildness stripped from them. But even prettied up, the basic story in every culture remains one of heartrending loss and destruction.”

About the Author

Delia Robinson lives in Montpelier, Vermont. She paints, writes, sings songs, and continues her mother’s craft, creating small figural clay whistles, small but grandiose, since in them she chronicles all of human existence. And  as you can see, she is prepared for the next flood.