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The Walking Poor: an analysis of several societal groups and how they interact as well as an autobiographical/observational novel.

The author of the text formed part of the walking poor group for some fifteen months, and during this time he spent many, many hours contemplating the functioning of society as a whole, and how all of the elements of society relate to each other.

The Walking Poor contains the author’s conclusions in this respect, along with personal anecdotes detailing what it meant to him to be walking poor and a member of society in general.

About the Author

Pelham began his creative life as the worst musician/songwriter/performer in the world in the early two thousands, in Melbourne (Australia). Being not at all musical it became more and more difficult for him to create new music, and in two thousand and eleven, after writing what he refers to as being his first book (an absurdist feminist text), his musical ambitions began to slowly die, due to disillusionment as much as his ineptitude.

After writing that absurdist feminist text Pelham would be unable to say how many books he has written, but he has written many, in a great variety of styles – The Walking Poor is his first autobiographical/observational novel to be published.

At the end of two thousand and eleven Pelham moved to the town of Nantes (France), but he longed for his true love (Paris) so much so that he spent a great deal of his time in Nantes staring out his kitchen window in the direction of Paris. In mid-two thousand and twelve Pelham would make his joyous return to Paris, his musical ambitions at this stage well and truly dead, even though his great love of music has never wavered.

For several years Pelham was a fanatical presence on the Parisian music scene, and his reviews of concerts can be seen on the website pelhamonabudget.wordpress.com. A compilation CD of his favourite bands of this scene was released by Skank Bloc Records in two thousand and fifteen.

The Walking Poor is Pelham’s second major publication achievement, following the release of the book of poetry Chapter One and Others (Niche Press) in 2018.