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On a Monday evening in December of 1980, Mark David Chapman murdered John Lennon outside his apartment building in New York City. The Consequence of Gesture brings the reader along a three-day countdown to mayhem. This book inserts Chapman into the weekend plans of a group of friends sympathetic with his obsession to shatter a cultural icon and determined to perform their own iconoclastic gestures. John Lennon’s life is not the only one that hangs in the balance. No one will emerge the same.

About the Author:

L.E. Smith lives in Vermont, writes books and teaches English, has tried to make it as a tennis pro and as a recording artist for Columbia Records, has trained guard dogs, worked as a security guard for the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NewYork City, delivered mail on the back roads of Vermont, worked as head chef in a restaurant, and for one day sold Fuller Brushes door-to-door in Los Angeles.


“As in his previous, Burlington-set novel, Travers' Inferno, Smith uses his command of language to paint a whole era and social canvas with brilliant, assured brush-strokes.”

— Margot Harrison, Seven Days

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