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Cover painting by Jasmine Papadoyiannis

Mama leaves, Daddy stays, the baby is crying. And then baby Jazz goes quiet, quiet for good. She refuses to talk. Dad is always in a state of panic but he tries to bring up the baby properly, even though he hasn't got a clue how to do it. To make matters worse, he loses his job as a questions writer in a quiz show. He also tries to look happy for the sake of Jazz although depression is slowly but steadily creeping up on him. And then come the terrible twos to make life even harder. So he decides to leave London and return to his homeland, Greece, exactly at the time of the 2010 financial crisis. He settles down in small town and there, he starts a new, completely different life. He begins to learn the world of a young child and discovers that he still has one last chance to live a happy childhood himself...

What do you do when you are left jobless and all alone in the world? Well, not entirely alone - there is this strange, silent creature that wreaks havoc on your house, to keep you company.

This is not a how-to-do-book. It is just a how-I-feel- (and maybe you feel the same and that's a comfort) book.

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