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The Adoption: An international coming of age story in a world where borders are collapsing and Ethiopian children beg pennies from eco-tourists to use at internet cafés to FB their cousins in Las Vegas. Tracking the coming of age of brothers and sisters, friends and cousins across the cultural divide and set in Ethiopia/Chicago/Dubai/China through twenty years of the most rapid development Africa has ever known, The Adoption is contemporary and international, tracking the lives of kids growing up today in tomorrow’s world.

About the Author

David Schein is a writer and theater artist. He grew up in Burlington VT where luckily he encountered inspired teachers of writing and theater, Gladys LaFlamme and Margaret O’Brien. He studied writing and theater at the University of Iowa where he was a classmate of the writer Denis Johnson and the singer Greg Brown. He was a co-founder of the physical theater company, the Iowa Theater Lab, and of Berkeley’s experimental performance greenhouse: The Blake Street Hawkeyes. He performed in pieces directed by Robert Wilson and Luciano Berio. He has written for and performed with Whoopi Goldberg, collaborated, while living in Tijuana, on NPR programming with Guillermo Gomez-Peña, and has performed and taught in the USA, Europe, Canada and Africa. As director of Street Theater in Chicago he worked with teens from Chicago Public Housing. He is the co-founder, in 2002, with members of Debub Nigat Circus of One Love AIDS/HIV Awareness Theater, in Awassa, Ethiopia. The Adoption is a fictional portrayal of the lives of some of the Circus kids he met in Awassa in 2002. Four of them now live in the USA. 

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