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Still Time is a collection of twenty-five short and shorter stories exploring tensions that arise in a variety of contemporary relationships: a young boy must deal with the wrath of his out-of-work father; a woman runs into a man twenty years after an awkward sexual encounter; a wife, unable to conceive, imagines her own murder, as well as the reaction of her emotionally distant husband; a soon-to-be tenured English professor tries to come to terms with her husband’s shocking return to the religion of his youth; an assembly line worker, married for thirty years, discovers the surprising secret life of his recently hospitalized wife. Whether a few hundred or a few thousand words, these and other stories in the collection depict characters at moments of deep crisis. Some feel powerless, overwhelmed—unable to do much to change the course of their lives. Others rise to the occasion and, for better or for worse, say or do the thing that might transform them for good. Even in stories with the most troubling of endings, there remains the possibility of redemption. For each of the characters, there is still time.

About the Author

Michael Cocchiarale is Associate Professor of English and creative writing at Widener University, where he teaches courses in American literature, fiction writing, and composition. He has coedited Upon Further Review: Sports in American Literature (Praeger, 2004), a book of scholarly essays. His short fiction has appeared in print and online in REAL, Relief, Stickman Review, The Dirty Napkin, Eclectica, Flashquake, Slow Trains, and Staccato Fiction, among others. Born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio (a city to which he’s always returning), he has also spent wonderful time in Athens, Ohio; Lafayette, Indiana; and Greifswald, Germany. For the past several years, he’s lived in Chester, Pennsylvania with Lisa, his do-everything wife, and Elizabeth, his happy-go-lucky daughter.