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Sinfonia Bulgarica is a novel about four women in contemporary Bulgaria: a rich cold-blooded heiress, a masseuse dreaming of peace and quiet that never come, a powerful wife of the most influential man in the country, and a waitress struggling against all odds to win a victory over lies, poverty and humiliation. It is a realistic book of vice and yearning, of truthfulness and schemes, of love and desperation. The heroes are plain-spoken characters, whose action is limited by the contradictions of a society where lowness rules at many levels. The novel draws a picture of life in a country where many people believe that “Money is the most loyal friend of man”. Yet the four women have an even more loyal friend: ruthlessness of life. 

About the Author

Zvdraka Etimova was born in Bulgaria where she lives and works as literary translator from English, French and German. She has lived and worked a literary translator in Köln, Germany and in Brussels, Belgium. Her short stories have appeared in 21 countries around the world. Zdravka’s short story “Vassil” was one of the 15 award winning stories in the BBC world-wide short story competition 2005. In was broadcast by Radio BBC UK in February 2006. Her short story “It Is Your Turn” was one of the ten award winning stories included in the anthology Dix auteurs du monde entier (Ten Writers from All Over the World) In Nantes, France, 2005. In Bulgaria Zdravka Evtimova has won a number of major literary awards including: the Gencho Stoev 2004 literary award for a short story by a Balkan Author, the Razvitie Literary Award for best Bulgarian contemporary novel in 2000, Best Bulgarian novel 2003 award of the Union of Bulgarian Writers for her novel Thursday, Anna Kamenova Short Story Award 2005, Cosmos short story award 2004, Zlaten Lanez short story award –in 2005, and in 2010. Zdravka is married to Todor Georgiev. They have two sons and a daughter.