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Not that the music in them is jazz, but the with a feeling of spontaneity, which is the way they should be performed. With the feel of improvisation. Minimal sets, cubes of different sizes that can be moved by the actors in scene changes. Making much use of creative lighting and sound design. My plays have no heroes — meaning that all the characters are victims, virgins to the lines they speak. The feeling that they have never been said before and will never be said again. Blocking should be simple, we don’t want to wear out the floor. These plays are my payback to them, who unknowingly gave me so much, with their beauty, humor and danger. Most, or all of them are gone, the “house wreckers and mind fuckers” as we called them on the lower east side of New York. I dedicate these plays to them. 

These plays were written with the feeling of jazz, which has been my life long profession and love. 

About the Author

Stephen Goldberg was born in New York City in1939. Influenced by his late brother Jay, who played tenor sax, he became a jazz trumpet player. He played in NYC jazz clubs with many of the great jazz musicians and with a few famous bands. His position as musical director and composer for the Nimbus dance/theater company brought him to a residency at Johnson State College in Vermont where he met John Ford Noonan who encouraged his playwriting. Goldberg’s early abstract theater pieces were first performed at the Symphony Space and the Whitney Festival in NYC. His plays have also been performed in New York at Actors Studio, the Sanford Meisner Theater and the Westbeth Theater Center. He has written over twenty-five produced plays and is co-founder of the Off Center for the Dramatic Arts in Burlington, Vermont.