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In this collection of literary, fantastical stories, a rhinoceros, in South Africa, changes into a woman and confronts the hunter who killed her mate and young; a drug addict’s shadow is turning into her deceased mother; a young girl, suffering from memory loss, staying at an orphanage in Germany, discovers she is actually a forty-year-old dwarfish Nazi; a brilliant plastic surgeon kidnaps the boy responsible for his son’s death (suicide, from cyber bullying), and transforms him into his son’s likeness, with horrific consequences; a hermaphrodite winds up on a mysterious island, where adolescents in a penal colony (un)naturally change genders; Edith Liddell, an aspiring actress, gets cast in the role of a lifetime: playing the part of her sister, Alice, in a movie, and finds out that Hollywood is stranger than Wonderland; and many more. The book is a mad amalgam of fairytale and magic realism, a ruby slipper escape from real life for the fiction reader.

About the Author

Christopher S. Peterson has been seriously dreaming since he was a bambino, immersing himself in Icarusian flights of fancy. He enjoys film, music, animals, working out, football, hockey, and living in nerdvana. He has been published in several lit mags few people have read. He was properly educated at Wildwood Elementary School in Burlington, Massachusetts and currently lives in Atlanta, Georgia with his black cats.