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Cover art by Chris Gabriel

Words fail but the voice struggles on.The culmination of a decade’s worth of performance poetry, Roadworthy Creature, Roadworthy Craft is Kate Magill’s first full-length publication. In lines that are sinewy yet delicate, Magill’s poems explore the terrain where idea and action meet, where bodies and words commingle to form a strange new flesh, a breathing text, an “I” that spirals outward from itself. 

About the Author

Kate Magill is a part-time teacher who would like someday to become a full-time wanderer. In the meantime, she keeps herself busy growing vegetables, baking bread, and occasionally fleeing to the hills and mountains of northern New England for some respite from her terribly hectic life. Raised in the Champlain Islands, Kate has not yet been able to wrest herself from the grip of Vermont. She currently resides in Putney, where she shares a yurt with her partner and one very large, very handsome tuxedo cat. 

Kate’s blog, Lapedestrienne