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The Queue as of  June 1, 2022

Published since January 2022

Hannah Greenberg  – Owmapow Rides Again (stories) pub date 1/2/2022

Peter Nash –  The Least of It (novel) pub date 1/7/2022

Joseph Rathgeber  –  Bad Days on the Batso (stories) pub date 1/11/2022

Stephen J. Goldberg  – Rants Raves & Ricochets (odd bird) 1/12/2022

Nina Zhelyazkova – The Sock in Karl Kerstensen's Shoe (stories) 1/14/22

Caitlin Hamilton Summie  –  Geographies of the Heart (novel) 1/18/2022

Mark Usher & Tom Motley – Poem (odd bird) 1/24/2022

Peter Wheelwright  –  The Door-Man (novel)  2/1/2022

Dan Chodorkoff – Sugaring Down (novel) 2/8/2022

Joshua Amses – How They Became Birds (novellas) 3/1/2022

Richard Krause – Blind Insights (odd bird) 3/22/2022

Sam Kerson – Executions and Democracy 4/28/2022

George Ovitt – The Showcase (stories)  5/24/2022

Johann Hösle  – Whatever Befalls (dual language poetry) 6/2/2022

Sourdough Rising – The Lives and Otherlives of Puppeteers 6/13/2022

Ready or almost ready for publication (alphabetical by author)

Charles G. Bell – The Married Land (novel - re-publication, currently out of print) 

Kevin Fitton  – Auras (stories) pub date 9/6/22

Ramsey Hanhan – Fugitive Dreams (novel) pub date 10/4/2022

Lynn Sloan – Midstream (novel) pub date 8/23/22

Susan Thomas – Silent Acts of Public Indiscretion (poetry)

Production work in process (alphabetical by author)

Charles G. Bell – The Half Gods (novel - re-publication, currently out of print) 

Christine Butterworth-McDermottt – Spellbook of Fruit and Flowers

Lenny Cavallaro – Broken Strings  (novel)

William Damkoehler – The Occupant & Self-Storage (plays)

Bill Davis – Cheap Gestures (poems)

Clare Dolan – Museum of Everyday Life (odd bird)

Allison Grimaldi Donahue  – The History of Breathing (short)

Zdravka Evtimova –  Asylum for Men and Dogs (novel) 

Stephen Langfur – Confessions from Jericho Jail

Larry Lefkowitz – Lefkowitz Unbound (stories)

Angi and Dennis Mahoney – Der Bau (dual language)

Ed Mast & Eady – Palestinian Plays (plays)

Peter Nash  –  In the Place Where We Thought We Stood (novel)

Howard Rappaport – Arnold & Igor (novel)

Delia Bell Robinson – Noah’s Ark (odd bird)

Editorial work in process (alphabetical by author, not the order of production)

David Borofka  –  Wanting (novel)

Alessio Brandolini/Giorgio Mobili  –  Miniature Cities (poetry/dual language)

Ben Dangl –  Street Harvest (poems)

John Michael Flynn  –  Purse and Consciens (stories)

John Hawkins – Mirror to Mirror (sonnets)

Julie Justicz – Conch Pearl (novel)

Richard Krause  –  Unashamed Observations (odd bird)

Michael Palma/Vincenzo Lamorta  –  It Was (monologues)