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The Queue as of  November 12,  2020

Published since January 2020

Philip Ramp – It’s Overtaking Us: Poems of Aristea Papalexandrou (dual language poetry) 

Vincent Sgambati – Undertow of Memory (novel)

Peter Schumann – All (odd bird)

Zdravka Evtimova – You Can Smile on Wednesdays (novel)

George Ovitt – Tribunal (novel)  

MaryEllen Beveridge – After the Hunger (stories) 

Fred Ramey – Comes a Time (novel)  

Charles Phillips – Dead South (stories)  

William Marquess  – Things I Want You To Do (stories)  

William Marquess  – Because Because Because Because Because (stories) 

Claire Russell  – one to speak & one to hear (short)

Robert F. Sommer  – Zombie Power Plant (tract)

Philip Ramp/Katerina Anghelaki Rooke  – Losing Appetite for Existence: (dual language poetry)

Gail Holst-Warhaft/Mikis Theodorakis – The House With the Scorpions (dual language poetry)

Peter Schumann  – Bedsheet Mitigations (odd bird)

L. M. Brown – Hinterland  (novel)

Christopher Peterson  – Scratch the Itchy Teeth (stories)

Paul Cody – Sphyxia (novel)

Charles Simpson – Uncertain Harvest (novel)

Claire Russell – Dear Mr. Thoreau (novel in letters)

Ready or almost ready for publication (alphabetical by author)

Charles G. Bell – The Married Land (novel - re-publication, currently out of print) 

MaryEllen Beveridge – Permeable Boundaries (stories)

Stephen Downes – The Hands of Pianists (novel)

Luigi Fontanella/Georgi Mobili – L'adolescenza e la notte/Adolescence and Night (dual language)

Barry Goldensohn – Visitors Entrance (poems)

Bobby Johnston  – The Saint I Ain’t (stories)

Roger Lebovitz & Delia Bell Robinson – The Connection (dual language story with artwork)

Pippo Lionni  – Fat Facts of Life (odd bird)

David Polk – Drinking the River (poetry)

Julia MacDonnell  – The Topography of Hidden Stories (stories)

George Ovitt & Peter Nash  – Trotsky’s Sink (essays)

Seth Steinzor – Once Was Lost (poetry)

Production work in process (alphabetical by author)

Charles G. Bell – The Half Gods (novel - re-publication, currently out of print) 

Dan Chodorkoff – Sugaring Down (novel)

Bill Davis –  Cheap Gestures

Clare Dolan – Museum of Everyday Life (odd bird)

Andrei Guruianu - Portraits of Time (odd bird)

Moshen Rezaei – The Violet Needle (stories)

Delia Bell Robinson – Crankie Ballads (odd bird)

Lawrence Schimel –Desert Memory: Poems of Jeannette L. Clariond (dual language poetry) 

Next Up (alphabetical by author, not the order of production)

Joshua Amses – How They Became Birds

Malcom Garcia –  Most Dangerous, Most Unmerciful (essays)

Malcom Garcia –  Central American  (essays)

Allison Donahue Grimaldi – Blown Away/Soffiata Via (dual language, poems of Vito Bonito)

Allison Donahue Grimaldi – The History of Breathing (short)

Judith Kerman – Dictionary Poems

Joseph Lamport – Enlightenment (Chinese poetry in translation)

Diane Lefer – Out of Place (novel)

Douglas Milliken – The Ordnance of Heaven

Dug Nap –  Friends & the Distance Between

Peter Nash –  The Least of It (novellas)

Charles Opara – You’re Becoming One of Those People

George Ovitt – The Showcase

Joseph Rathgeber  –  Bad Days on the Batso (stories)

Fred Rosenblum  – Tramping Solo (poetry)

Caitlin Hamilton Summie  –  Geographies of the Heart (novel)

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