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The Queue as of  March 15, 2024

Published since July 2023

Yahia Lababidi  –  Quarantine Notes  (7/1/2023)

David Schein  –  Tokens: A Play on the Plague (7/9/2023)

Peter Schumann  –  Kropotkin Says (7/9/2023)

Lenny Cavallaro – Paganini Agitato  (8/15/2023)

Christopher Heffernan  –  (laughter) (9/1/2023)

Kevin Haddock — Beloved Brother (9/12/2023)

David Borofka  –  The End of Good Intentions (9/15/2023)

Hanna Eady & Ed Mast – the Return and  The Mulberry Tree (10/7/2023)

Julie Justicz – Conch Pearl (10/10/2023)

Peter Schumann  –  Tears Clouds Trees (11/28/2023) 

Peter Schumann  –  Gaza Genocide Bedsheets (11/29/2023) 

Marc Estrin  –  Et Resurrexit (12/01/2023) 

David Brizer – The Secret Doctrine of V. H. Rand (1/23/2024

Peter Schumann – Mister Aeschylus’ The Persians (3/6/2024)

Charles G. Bell – The Half Gods (3/26/2024)  

Sam Kerson – Gaza Punishing the Innocent (3/30/2024)

Ready or almost ready for publication (alphabetical by author)

Raymond Barfield – Dreams of a Spirit Seer (novel, pub date 4/22/2024))

Peter Fortunato – World Headquarters (poetry, pub date in September 2024)

Howard Rappaport – Arnold & Igor (novel)

Ron Jacobs – Nowhere Land (essays,  pub date 5/15/2024)

Doulas Milliken – Any Less You (essay)

Michael Okulitch – Toward Him Still (novel)

Peter Schumann – We Possibilitarians One (odd bird)

Rana Shubair – And No Net Ensnares Me  (novel)

Production work in process (alphabetical by author)

Bill Davis – Cheap Gestures (poems)

Allison Grimaldi Donahue  – The History of Breathing (short)

Marc Estrin – Longing for the Sky (essays) 

Bertold Francke – String Quartets (music)

Derek Furr  – Love Story with Brides (odd bird)

Lorrie Goldensohn  – Little Fish (poetry)

Enzo Lamartora/Michael Palma  –  It Was (monologues, dual language)

Fred Rosenblum – Of Our Elaborate Plans (poetry)

Peter Schumann – We Possibilitarians Two (odd bird)

Seth Steinzor –The Dragon of Sassafrass Mountain (poetry)

Editorial work in process or ready for production but not started yet

(alphabetical by author, not the order of production)

Antonello Borra – Herbal (poetry/dual language)

Lorenzo Carlucci/Todd Portnowitz – Methods (poetry/dual language)

Silvia Comoglio/Giorgio Mobili – Via Crucis (poetry/dual language)

Greg Delanty – Behold the Garden (poetry)

J. C. Ellefson – Conversations with the Underground (stories)

Zdravka Evtimova – To Weave a Grasshopper’s Cage (novel)

John Michael Flynn  – Answer Only (novel)

John Hawkins – Mirror to Mirror (sonnets)

Michael Jewell  – The Memoirs of a Paper Doll (poetry & collages)

Scott Archer Jones – The Moth

Roger Lebovitz – Blessings

Christopher Peterson – Dairy of a Madman (novel)

Philip Ramp – Glass Or (poetry)

Frederick Ramey – A resistance to the wind (poetry)

Moshen Rezaei – Mrs. Boss (stories)

David Schein – Three Jewish Plays (plays)