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Alan N. Krieger died at age 70 at the Morningside Nursing and Rehabilitation Center of Pelham Parkway, Bronx, NY. According to his Advanced Directives, he was to be buried at The Hebrew Free Burial Society for Indigent Jews, Staten Island, NY, along with his euthanized cat, in positions found in the sarcophagus of Amenhotep II.

Mr. Krieger had often claimed that he “did not intend to be completely dead” when he died. Because it represented a potentially significant theo-scientific experiment, the Hebrew Free Burial Society for Indigent Jews installed the following at Mr. Krieger’s gravesite: an array of intra-coffin electrical, chemical and acoustical sensors connected to an alarm system at the HFBSFIJ office; an EEG 12-lead Monitor, EEG-Pro/Dragon Dictate software, and a solar Powerwall™ to drive the experimental equipment, all generously donated by Elon Musk.

These Proceedings present, without comment, the findings from that array.

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