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My Murder and Other Local News is a collection of long form poems written in Chicago by David Schein between 1994 and the year 2000. The poems chronicle dramatic events in the middle age of a "normal" life – Schein's chance witness of a killing, his father's death, the birth of his daughter and his heart attack. Since writing My Murder and Other Local News, the author has performed the poems as a solo theater piece in Vermont, Chicago, California and Europe. 

‍About ‍the ‍Author:

‍David ‍Schein ‍is ‍a ‍writer ‍and ‍theater ‍worker. ‍A ‍founding ‍member ‍of ‍the ‍Iowa ‍Theater ‍Lab ‍and ‍Berkeley’s ‍Blake ‍Street ‍Hawkeyes, ‍he ‍has ‍written ‍and ‍performed ‍six ‍solo ‍shows ‍in ‍North ‍America ‍and ‍Europe ‍and ‍has ‍authored ‍plays, ‍poems, ‍musicals ‍and ‍operas. ‍He ‍was ‍a ‍“Vermont ‍Writer ‍on ‍Tour” ‍giving ‍readings ‍in ‍libraries ‍across ‍the ‍state, ‍he ‍wrote ‍for ‍and ‍toured ‍with ‍Whoopi ‍Goldberg ‍and ‍worked ‍in ‍Tijuana ‍creating ‍radio ‍for ‍American ‍Public ‍Radio ‍with ‍“Border ‍Brujo” ‍Guillermo ‍Gomez ‍Peña. ‍In ‍2002 ‍he ‍founded, ‍with ‍street ‍children ‍in ‍Ethiopia, ‍One ‍Love ‍AIDS/HIV ‍Awareness ‍Theater. ‍He ‍was ‍the ‍Executive ‍Director ‍of ‍Free ‍Street ‍Theater ‍in ‍Chicago ‍and ‍of ‍the ‍Arts ‍Council ‍for ‍Chautauqua ‍County ‍(NY) ‍and ‍has ‍taught ‍theater ‍and ‍writing ‍at ‍institutions ‍ranging ‍from ‍Ripley ‍(NY) ‍Elementary ‍School, ‍Brown ‍University ‍and ‍La ‍Maison ‍de ‍Culture ‍(Rennes, ‍FR). ‍

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