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Miniature Cities is panoramic view of Alessio Brandolini's poetry, made of vast landscapes and haunting imagery, where the stark Roman countryside becomes the objective correlative for the mystery of human existence and interaction. In this dual language edition, Brandolini’s poems are presented on facing pages with English translations by Giorgio Mobili.

About the Author

Born in Frascati, Italy, in 1958, Alessio Brandolini graduated in Modern Italian Literature at the University of Rome, where he now resides. His poetry books are: L’alba a piazza Navona (Montale Prize, 1992), Divisori orientali (Alfonso Gatto prize, 2002), Poesie della terra (2004), Il male inconsapevole (2005), Mappe colombiane (2007; also in Spanish: Mapas colombianos, Colombia, 2015), Tevere in fiamme (Sandro Penna prize, 2008), Il fiume nel mare (2010, finalist for «Premio Camaiore»), Nello sguardo del lupo (2014, also in Spanish: En la mirada del lobo, Mexico 2018), Il volto e il viaggio (2017, with Stefano Cardinali), the anthologies Il futuro è un campo incolto (2016) and Città in miniatura (2021).  

His work has been widely translated into Spanish, in the anthologies En el ojo del lobo (2009) and  Desde otro planeta (2014) in Costa Rica, Llamo desde otro planeta (2016) in Colombia, and El camino de regreso (2019) in Argentina. 

In 2013 he published Un bosco nel muro (Empirìa), a collection of short stories. He translates from Spanish, and since 2006 has been the editor of Fili d’aquilone, a web journal of “images, ideas, and poetry”. In 2011 he founded the independent press Edizioni Fili d’Aquilone.


About the Translator

Giorgio Mobili is a poet, translator, and literary critic. Born in Milan, Italy, he has lived in the US since 1999. He teaches at California State University, Fresno. He is the author of several essays, and of the book Irritable Bodies and Postmodern Subjects in Pynchon, Puig, Volponi (2008). He has published five poetry collections in Italian (his latest, Dimenticare un hotel, in 2020) and one in Spanish (Última salida a Ventura, 2014). His poetry has appeared in numerous journals both in Italy and abroad, and has been included in the bilingual anthology Poets of the Italian Diaspora (Fordham University Press, 2014). His first English-language poetry/photography book, Sunken Boulevards, came out in 2021. 

He has translated into Italian Brazilian poet Narlan Matos (La provincia oscura, 2016), American poet Chris Merrill (Necessità, 2017) and Chilean poet Carmen Berenguer (Orme di secolo, 2021). He has translated into English Luigi Fontanella’s award-winning L’adolescenza e la notte (Adolescence and Night, 2020). His English translation of philosopher Massimo Cacciari’s essays on Dante is forthcoming (Philosophy, Mysticism, and the Political, SUNY, 2022).