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Combining lyricism and narrative poetry, (laughter) touches the heart of the heart --which the light of our ordinary days tries — with its exhausted efforts in broken down cars and jobless afternoons — to penetrate, and that finally overcomes the nameless loss, desire and confusion that dogs so many of our hours turning into night.  

A spectrum of voices is heard in barrooms and streets, in bedrooms, and on the sun-stained grasses we walk though and lie in, drawing out the landscape of human needs, connecting what must break free with what is unknown, and then, untethered, laughing at its absurdity.  


It’s kind of irresistible, Chris’s poems have a page turner thing, very daily, very noir and yet there’s this sweet sense of awe — that “this” is happening to me and that I have a life is ultimately good news for all of us — this sensation of his is really one long poem. 

—Eileen Myles

The clippings of these poems’ toenails are already all over your bedsheets, so why the hell not get some beauty for your trouble? And the beauty of (laughter) is potent magic. This book will sit with you on the curb your heavy heart won’t let you leave until the sun comes up and loan you its last four dollars.  Test your own heart’s dilapidated walls with some poems that know you better than you know yourself.

—Geoff Munsterman, author of Because the Stars Shine Through It (Lavender Ink)

About the Author

Christopher Heffernan was born and raised in upstate New York. Among other venues, his poetry and fiction have appeared in The Writer’s Journal, Pacific Coast Journal, Sierra Nevada Review, Whisky Island, Big Muddy, 34th Parallel, Louisiana Literature and The Madison Review. He tries to marry what in feeling has a force but no form with concrete images of the life ordinary as it shatters into the singularity of the peculiar soul. He spends much of his time working and walking in the sun.