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The stories of men, women and children are put under the spotlight as the difficult questions are asked and answered in Interrogations. The characters face themselves and their shadows in a series of intense stories published in top literary magazines such as Cimarron Review, The Literary Review, The Los Angeles Review, Nimrod, Sou'wester, and Zone 3.

‍Review ‍by ‍Andrea ‍Gregorvich ‍in ‍The ‍Literary ‍Review

‍About ‍the ‍Author:

‍A ‍former ‍U.S. ‍Army ‍interrogator, ‍Martin ‍Ott ‍is ‍the ‍author ‍of ‍6 ‍books ‍of ‍fiction ‍and ‍poetry, ‍including ‍Underdays, ‍Sandeen ‍Prize ‍winner, ‍University ‍of ‍Notre ‍Dame ‍Press. ‍He ‍lives ‍and ‍works ‍in ‍Los ‍Angeles.

‍More ‍info ‍on ‍Martin’s ‍website ‍and ‍his ‍blog, ‍Writeliving


‍In ‍these ‍wide-ranging ‍stories ‍and ‍fables, ‍Martin ‍Ott ‍proves ‍himself ‍the ‍wise ‍interrogator. ‍While ‍his ‍characters ‍cling ‍to ‍denial ‍Ott—amused ‍by ‍their ‍suspicions, ‍lies, ‍and ‍self-delusion—gets ‍past ‍all ‍resistance ‍not ‍through ‍force ‍but ‍rather ‍his ‍skillful ‍probing ‍and ‍keen ‍knowledge ‍of ‍the ‍human ‍heart. 

‍— ‍Diane ‍Lefer, ‍author ‍of ‍Confessions ‍of ‍a ‍Carnivore

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