‍Cover ‍art ‍by ‍Adelaide ‍Tyrol


In A Family Way is a collection of short stories that center around the idea of family, both in its traditional form, as in "No Running" and "An Impulse Buy" and its more contemporary, non-traditional form, as in the case of a stepfather teaching his stepdaughter to drive in "All the Different Dangers of Cars" or the more absurd, hyperrealistic presentation of a family who cases houses whilelooking at Christmas lights in "Displays". In either mode, In A Family Way captures the tension, humor and love found in families.

‍About ‍the ‍Author:

‍After ‍receiving ‍his ‍BA ‍in ‍both ‍math ‍and ‍English ‍from ‍UW-Madison, ‍Zeke ‍Jarvis ‍received ‍his ‍MA ‍and ‍PhD ‍in ‍English ‍from ‍UW-Milwaukee, ‍where ‍he ‍was ‍fiction ‍co-editor ‍and ‍then ‍Managing ‍Editor ‍of ‍Cream ‍City ‍Review. ‍Currently, ‍he ‍is ‍an ‍Associate ‍Professor ‍at ‍Eureka ‍College. ‍His ‍work ‍has ‍appeared ‍in ‍Bitter ‍Oleander, ‍2 ‍Bridges, ‍Petrichor ‍Machine, ‍The ‍Toucan, ‍Gravel, ‍REAL, ‍KNOCK ‍and ‍Moon ‍City ‍Review, ‍among ‍many ‍other ‍places. ‍His ‍first ‍book, ‍So ‍Anyway…, ‍was ‍published ‍by ‍Robocup ‍Press ‍in ‍2014.

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