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For many, life and disappointment are like hand and glove. How we cope is what shapes us, where our real story lies. In this themed collection about characters dealing with disappointment in a hostile or non-hostile environment we see how adversity can bring out our best and worst sides. The daughter of slain U.S. reporter travels to war-torn Syria to shoot a documentary on her father’s last days. A boy still dealing with the aftershocks of a genocide recovers in time to help his tribe survive an ambush. A seemingly delusional elderly woman reunites with her jilt, a lover with whom she shared a healing synergy. A frustrated psychologist, resentful of church ministers, goes after a faith healer to expose him as a fraud. A student-visa applicant, in Lagos for the first time, recounts his encounter with the seamy side of the city as he prepares for his interview at the US Embassy in the city. These and many more stories will take you on journeys set in third world countries, where the stress levels are high.

About the Author

Charles Opara is a Nigerian-born author who writes suspense, speculative fiction, and short stories. He is a programmer with a passion for groundbreaking technologies. His creative mind enjoys the logic involved in writing stories and programs. In 2015, his horror short “It Happened” was shortlisted for the Awele Creative Trust Prize and in 2017, another story ‘Baby-girl’ was long-listed for the Quramo National Prize in his country. His stories have appeared in Ambit, Flash Fiction Press, and Zoetic Press.