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Gomorrah is a love-anguish expressed by the wild rue of Maine artist Richard Wilson’s early and mid-career paintings, chosen and arranged by Maine poet Kenneth Rosen, and accompanied by his poem. Gomorrah traces a gorgeous summit path’s excelsior and exaggerated pathos of descent, which poet and artist chewed and discussed, and which Wilson’s paintings make manifest with such silent finality. Like its biblical eponym, Gomorrah is mortised and tenoned in common ecstasy, doom and grief—Adam and Eve might have savored the Tree of Eternal Life, but chose, as forbidden, the thrills of procreation, judgment and understanding, the Tree of Good and Evil.

About the Authors

Richard Wilson has shown his paintings around the United States and maintains a studio in Portland, Maine.

Kenneth Rosen lives in Portland, Maine. He has published ten collections of poems, most recently, during a Fulbright (2005-06) in Cyprus, Homo Politico, and the dual volume, Cyprus’s Bad Period, with The Passport You Ask For, by Turkish-American poet, Adnan Adam Onart.