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Interview with Nader Abed this interview covered topics not mentioned in other appearances, such as empowerment and rejection of victimhood, peace and humanity, and what the individual activist can do to help. (93 min. 3/2023)

The Jerusalem Fund event with Said Arikat, focused on USAid to Israel and the meaning of resistance. (67 min. 2/21/2023) 


Sabeel/KUMI Now event with Katherine Metres Akbar, focused on Palestinian Christians and their struggle, and the Biblical allusions in Fugitive Dreams.(52 min. 2/7/2023)

Arab Center Washington DC interview with Khalil E. Jahshan, focused on the First Intifada and US policy towards Palestine. (33 min. 1/2023)

Jerusalem Unplugged Podcast with Dr. Roberto Mazza.  The interview highlights the narrative of Fugitive Dreams and its vision for peace.  (53 min. 11/2022)

Author Says Love, Perseverance Sustain the Palestinian PeopleWashington Report on Middle East Affairs

Fugitive Dreams is a personal documentary depicting the last half-century of the Palestinian experience through the life of Sameer, who finds his way to America from the “wrong” side of the border.

About the Author

Ramsey Hanhan, having come to America from Palestine in his teens, had experienced first-hand both the Israeli occupation of his country, and the immigrant journey of rebuilding life anew. In his former career, he was a physics professor noted for his computer models that describe and predict complexity in nature. Nowadays, you can find him on a jogging trail, deep in the forest, at an airport, or in a coffee shop. For his next titles, he is finishing a romantic novella and a collection of essays. Hanhan holds a Ph.D. in Engineering from the University of Michigan.

Author website

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Review Excerpts ( link to full reviews)

“You’re going to want to read this book from beginning to end. I would put it down, then pick it back up, then reread many of the stories, because they are stunning testaments to ‘sumud’.  Ultimately, Fugitive Dreams is a story of “exiles, displaced persons, refugees, migrant workers, nomads, emigrants and wanderers – those who left their homes at gunpoint”…as well as a book of hope, determination, and forgiveness.”

– Greta Berlin, Co-Founder, the Free Gaza movement

“A profound fictional portrayal of Palestinian life and struggle.”

– Sam Bahour, ePalestine

Fugitive Dreams whisks us along the streets and hills of Palestine, giving a glimpse of an occupied childhood witnessing an Intifada against a military power. The knock on the door, in the middle of the night, is all too familiar. The Nakba’s inherited trauma, the dislocation of statelessness and exile, the suspended evanescence of interim periods, and never-ending processes of “peace” are all there.”

This Week in Palestine

“an intensely personal journey of the protagonist … that explores every facet of life — heritage, birth, childhood, love, livelihood, friendships, dreams, neighborhoods, memories, and aspirations.”

‍    – Ashok Subramanian, Author

“I was engaged from the start of the book and had to see how it would end, even in a world where there is no end in sight. Hanhan’s suggestions toward the end would serve all of us, no matter what your challenges may be. I recommend this read to all who want to understand and honor all of the ‘others’ who people this Earth.”

‍    – Ned Tillman, Author of Good Endeavour, The Big Melt and Saving the Places We Love

‍ “Fugitive Dreams is one of the few books that would make a compelling read even for those of us very familiar with the question of Palestine. … I highly recommend Hanhan’s debut literary project.”

– Jareer Kassis, Mondoweiss

“A scream that comes from the mouths of an entire generation. … This book is full of shocking, poignant, and sublime moments, and it is delightfully fascinating, vividly evocative, and emotionally honest throughout.”

The Bookish Elf