“Tony Magistrale writes out of his wild and generous heart, and reader, if you want to know what it feels like to live as an American man in the Twenty-First Century, open this book and start turning the pages.”

— David Huddle, Author of Glory River and Nothing Can Make Me Do This

“You will come to know the strengths of your own idiosyncratic secret desires

and allegiances after living with these poems.”

— Eric Gansworth, American Book Award Winner

About Michael Strauss’s paintings

“Vibrant. A delicious mating of Huntertwasser and Van Gogh.”

— Alexis Fancher, Editor, Cultural Weekly

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Entanglements is Tony Magistrale's third collection of poetry. The book contains poetry written in both Europe and the United States. Many of the poems reflect a certain awareness of Vermont as seasonal place and essence. Additionally, some of the poems bear black and white illustrations created by Michael Strauss, well-known Vermont landscape painter.

‍About ‍the ‍Authors:

‍Michael ‍Strauss ‍is ‍an ‍Emeritus ‍Professor ‍of ‍Chemistry ‍at ‍the ‍University ‍of ‍Vermont ‍and ‍teaches ‍art ‍in ‍the ‍Honors ‍College, ‍the ‍College ‍of ‍Arts ‍and ‍Sciences, ‍and ‍Continuing ‍Education.  ‍His ‍paintings ‍have ‍been ‍exhibited ‍in ‍galleries ‍and ‍other ‍venues ‍around ‍Vermont. ‍For ‍a ‍more ‍extensive ‍view ‍of ‍Strauss’s ‍paintings ‍and ‍publications, ‍visit ‍his ‍website.

‍Tony ‍Magistrale ‍is ‍Professor ‍of ‍English ‍at ‍the ‍University ‍of ‍Vermont. ‍He ‍is ‍the ‍author ‍of ‍two ‍other ‍books ‍of ‍poetry, ‍What ‍She ‍Says ‍About ‍Love ‍(Bordighera ‍Press ‍2008) ‍and ‍The ‍Last ‍Soldiers ‍of ‍Love ‍(Literary ‍Laundry ‍2012). ‍He ‍has ‍published ‍his ‍poetry ‍in ‍The ‍Harvard ‍Review, ‍The ‍Green ‍Mountains ‍Review, ‍Spillway, ‍Common ‍Ground ‍Review, ‍The ‍Alaska ‍Quarterly ‍Review, ‍Blueline ‍Magazine, ‍Northern ‍New ‍England ‍Review, ‍Literary ‍Laundry, ‍The ‍Dalhouise ‍Review, ‍The ‍Salon, ‍and ‍The ‍Montucky ‍Review, ‍among ‍other ‍places.

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