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In Born Speaking Lies, New York mobster Billy the Kid gets a chance to escape the violent world of 1990s Brooklyn after being shot and left for dead in a Pennsylvania forest by members of his own crew. Billy tries to disappear into small town life with Lora, a local woman who finds him bleeding by the side of the road, but his desire for revenge and his rapidly deteriorating health drives him toward a bloody confrontation with his former friends.

About the Author

Rob Lenihan was born and raised in Brooklyn and worked as a police reporter in Pennsylvania for several years.

Review in the Montague Reporter


“Rob Lenihan's first novel might have come off the pages of the crime beat he covered as a police reporter. But Born Speaking Lies gives him the opportunity to create fully fleshed mobsters and a lone hero, Billy the Kid, trying to get away from them and live in a small town with a good-hearted woman. But vendettas must be paid and the reader watches in horror as a confrontation nears.The writing transcends the genre, never sacrificing white knuckle suspense.”

— Sonia Pilcer, author of The Last Hotel

“Rob brings all the excitement of police reporting to his debut novel. He puts readers through their paces at breakneck speed. And that’s no lie.”

— Jeff Widmer, author of Mr. Magic and Tourist in Paradise