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Boom-shacka-lacka is a collection of stories that includes a fictional interview with an aging snow sculptor, poetic meditations on Harold and the Purple Crayon and the drama of the night the Harlem Globetrotters actually lost a game.

About the Author

William Marquess taught literature and writing for thirty-four years at Saint Michael's College. His other collections of stories include Because Because Because Because Because, Badtime Stories and Things I Want You to Do.

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Will Marquess is the Meadowlark Lemon of short-story writers, and Boom-shacka-lacka is a shot of redemption for us readers needing something fresh, funny, and so true it makes us laugh while we’re wiping away the tears. 

— David Huddle, author of Nothing Can Make Me Do This and The Faulkes Chronicle

If these stories were wine, they’d be complex yet velvety with an aftertaste of melancholy. If they were an apple, they’d be cool in the hand, crisp to bite into, and sweet with a tart finish. If they were chocolate, they’d be smooth and dark, touched with honey…. In short, here Will Marquess has served up ten stories that amuse the mind, please the tongue, and give the belly what it needs.

— Elizabeth Inness-Brown, author of Burning Marguerite