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A Babble of Objects

A Case Study of Werewolves

A Child’s Deprimer

A Day in the Life

A Different Kind of War: Uneasy Encounters in Mexico and Central America

A Free, Unsullied Land

A Great Fullness

A Guide to the Western Slope and the Outlying Areas

A Rising Tide of People Washed Away

A Shirtwaist Story

A World Where Many Worlds Fit

Abracadabra Yes No Apocalypse

Adolescence and Night

After the Hunger



All, Nothing, Nothing at All

All the Sinners Saints


Americans and Other Stories

Am0ebeic Simulacra

Among Angelic Orders

Among the Lost

And No Net Ensnares Me

And Throw Away the Skins 

Any Less You

Arnold & Igor

Arrivals and Departures

Artsy Fartsy

As It Is On Earth

Asylum for Men and Dogs


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Badtime Stories

Beast There Don’t That

Bedsheet Mitigations

Because Because Because Because Because

Belligerent & Not So Belligerent Slogans from the Possibilitarian Arsenal

Beloved Brother, Beloved Sister

Blind Insights into the Writing Process

Blue Songs in an Open Key

Body of Work


Born Speaking Lies

Bread and Sentences

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Caída Libre/Free Fall

Carbonfish Blues


Carts and Other Stories

Cautionary Chronicles

Comes a Time

Companion Plants

Conch Pearl

Confession from a Jericho Jail

Confessions of a Carnivore


Connecting The Dots To Shangrila 

Cycling in Plato's Cave

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Damage Control

Dead South

Dear Mr. Thoreau

Declaration of Light


Degrees of Difficulty

Der Bau/The Burrow

Derail This Train Wreck

Desert Memory

Diagonal Man: Theory & Praxis Vol I

Diagonal Man: Theory & Praxis Vol II

Dispatches from Everest

Dons of Time

Drinking the River

Drawing on Life

During This, Our Nadir

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Enigmatic Tales


Erbarme dich — Have Mercy

Es its vollbracht — Mission Accomplished

Et Resurrexit

Evelyn As

Everyone Lives Here

Eye Contact

Executions and Democracy

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Fabbrica delle idee/The Factory of Ideas

Fat Facts of Life

Father Figure

Faust 3

Feminist on Fire


Foreign Tales of Exemplum and Woe

Four-Way Stop

Free Fall/Caída Libre


Fugitive Dreams

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Gaza Genocide Bedsheets

Geographies of the Heart

General Discharge



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Handouts and Obligations

Hawk on Wire

Here Is Ware



How Hamisu Survived Bad Kidneys

How They Became Birds


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Improvisational Arguments

In A Family Way

In the Place Where We Thought We Stood

In the Sadness Museum

In The Town of Joy and Peace

In the Wake of Our Vows

Industrial Oz


Isles of the Blind

It’s Overtaking Us

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Kafka's Roach

Kropotkin Says

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Les Très Riches Heures

Lessons of the Dead

Life and Death of Charlotte Salomon

Little Steel




Losing Francis: Essays on the Wars at Home

Losing Appetite for Existence

Love's Labours

Lucky Country

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Midnight in Spoleto/La mezzonatte di Spoleto


Miniature Cities

Miriam's Book


Modern Mandalas

Museum of the Americas

My Father's Keeper

My God, What Have We Done?

My Murder and Other Local News

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Notes of Devastation

Nothing Beside Remains

Nowhere Land

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Off to the Next Wherever

Once Was Lost

Our Shadows’ Voice

Out of Place

Owmpapow Rides Again

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Paganini Agitato


Permeable Boundaries

Picking Up the Bodies

Planet Kasper 1

Planet Kasper 2

Playing Chicken With an Iron Horse

Portraits of Time

Principles of Navigation

Proceedings of the Hebrew Free Burial Society

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Quarantine Notes

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Rafi's World

Raven or Crow

Reading Embodied


Roadworthy Creature, Roadworthy Craft

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Saturday Night at Magellan's

Scratch the Itchy Teeth

Screwed and Other Plays

Self Storage and The Occupant


Shadowboxing With Bukowski

She Sits She Rides She Flies

Short Order Frame Up

Signed Confessions

Sinfonia Bulgarica

Skating on the Vertical 

Skywreck Afternoons

Snake in the Spine, Wolf in the Heart

Sourdough Rising

Speckled Vanities


Still Time


Sugaring Down

Suite for Three Voices

Summer on the Cold War Planet

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Tears Clouds Trees

The Adoption

The Annotated Nose

The Art of Her Life

The Baby Jazz

The Co-Conspirator's Tale

The Consequence of Gesture

The Darkest City

The Derivation of Cowboys and Indians

The Empty Notebook Interrogates Itself

The End of Good Intentions

The Factory of Ideas/Fabbrica delle idee

The Falkland Quartet and Other Poems

The Fall of Athens

The Good Muslim of Jackson Heights

The Half Gods

The Hands of Pianists

The Hole That Runs Through Utopia

The House with the Scorpions

The Housing Market

The Hundred Yard Dash Man

The Inconvenience of the Wings

The Listener Aspires to the Condition of Music

The Married Land

The Melancholy of Life as the Joy of Living It Slowly Chills

The Moment Before an Injury

The Museum of Everyday Life

The Penseés of Alan Kreiger

The Perfection of Things

The Repetition of Exceptional Weeks

The Return and The Mulberry Tree

The Return of Jason Green

The Saint I Ain’t

The Showcase

The Secret Doctrine of V. H. Rand

The Sock in Karl Kerstensen’s Shoe

The Spellbook of Fruit and Flowers

The Three Lives of Jonathan Force

The Topography of Hidden Stories

The Varieties of Jewish Experience

The Violet Needle

The Walking Poor

The Waters Prevailed

The way none of this happened

The World Was Late

Thicker Than Blood

Things I Want You to Do

This Far Isn't Far Enough

Thoreau’s Umbrella

Time's Betrayal

To Join the Lost

To Lay to Rest Our Ghosts


Toward Him Still

Town and Gown

Tramping Solo

Travers' Inferno

Treading the Uneven Road


Trotsky’s Sink

Twenty Two Instructions for Near Survival

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Unborn Children of America

Uncertain Harvest

Under the Influence: Shouting Out to Walt

Undertow of Memory

Unfinished Stories of Girls

Untimely RIPped

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Vanishing Acts

Victor Rand


Views Cost Extra

Vintage Vinyl Playlist

Visiting Hours

Visitors Entrance

Voyeur in Tangier

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Were We Awake

What She Was Saying

What We Do For Love

Whatever Befalls

When You Remember Deir Yassin

Where There Are Two or More

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You Can Smile on Wednesdays

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Zinsky the Obscure