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Author Spotlight 

Ross Cagenello & Cam O’Connor Interview Fomite Authors

Ross talks with Marjorie Maddox , author of  What She Was Saying about her exploits as a writer, teacher, and human being.

Ross talks with Scott T. Starbuck, author of Industrial Oz and the Newpages.com Editor's Pick Hawk on Wire, about his adventures as an activist-poet-teacher in San Diego and Oregon.

Ross talks with David Ross Gunn, author of  Cautionary Chronicles: An Illustrated Compendium of Human Striving, about his life as a composer, writer, and pet food industry mogul.

Ross talks with Tom Walker, author of A Day in the Life and  Signed Confessions, to discuss his work as a journalist, author, and dog owner. 

Ross has a long talk with Peter Nash, author of Parsimony and  The Perfection of Things. They cover Peter's latest works of fiction, the intricacies of biography writing, the confusing nature of high schoolers reading literary classics, the musical Hamilton, little league... a little bit of everything, really. 

Ross talks with Sharon Webster, author and artist of  Everyone Lives Here. They cover Sharon's life as an artist-poet studying in Canada, the sensuality of everyday life, and the connection between pierogies and cabaret.

Authors Read From Their Work

R. L. Green reads poems from When You Remember Deir Yassin, on the subject of the occupation and destruction of Palestine. 

Sharon Webster reads four poems on the theme of “Hands”.

Maggie Kast reads her  short essay, "The House Will Burn" which was published in Superstition Review.