‍About ‍the ‍Author:

‍Christopher ‍S. ‍Peterson ‍has ‍been ‍seriously ‍dreaming ‍since ‍he ‍was ‍fetaled, ‍jumping ‍the ‍umbilical ‍rope, ‍as ‍it ‍were, ‍immersing ‍himself ‍in ‍Icarusian ‍flights ‍of ‍fancy, ‍such ‍as ‍imagining ‍an ‍indigotic, ‍umbrageous ‍populace ‍alienating ‍on ‍gambogian ‍ground ‍in ‍presentiments ‍of ‍palsy. ‍He ‍enjoys ‍film, ‍music, ‍animals, ‍working ‍out, ‍football, ‍hockey, ‍and ‍living ‍blissfully ‍in ‍nerdvana. ‍He ‍has ‍been ‍published ‍in ‍several ‍lit ‍mags ‍very ‍few ‍people ‍have ‍actually ‍read. ‍He ‍was ‍properly ‍educated ‍at ‍Wildwood ‍Elementary ‍School ‍in ‍Burlington, ‍Massachusetts ‍and ‍currently ‍lives ‍in ‍Atlanta, ‍Georgia ‍with ‍his ‍four ‍kooky ‍black ‍cats.


Amoebic Simulacra is a becrazed carnival ride, the varietal voices of these mind-altering stories uttering fiery satanic verses. In addition, the book is a psychedelic bottle rocket with an insane genie inside, on a space-age acid-trip to a colorful Weirdsville. It is a literary hallucinogen capable of giving the reader insectean antennae.

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