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Other Fomite Books 

by  Antonello Borra

The Factory of Ideas

Italian poems by Antonello Borra

English translations by Blossom S. Kirschenbaum

Art by Delia Robinson Foreword by Greg Delanty

Afterword by Camillo Pennati

Animals have always understood that mankind is not fully at home in the world. Bestiaries, hoping to teach, send out warnings. This one, of course, aims at doing the same.

About the Author

Antonello Borra teaches Italian at the University of Vermont. His other volumes of poetry are Frammenti di tormenti (prima parte) (Longo: 2000), Frammenti di tormenti (seconda parte) (Lietocolle: 2006), Alfabestiario (Lietocolle: 2009), and the illustrated, bilingual Alphabetabestiario (Fomite: 2011). The texts presented here are not exactly the same appeared in Italy in 2009. Translations of his poetry appeared in English, Catalan, and are being prepared in German. He translated into Italian poems from the English of Greg Delanty, W.S. Merwin, and Gerry Murphy; from the German of Erich Fried; from the Spanish of Tina Escaja, Roberto Sosa, and José Watanabe. He co-translated two autobiographical novels from the German of Johannes Hösle and is a regular contributor to magazines and journals in both Italy and the United States. His other publications are books and articles on literary criticism and language pedagogy. 

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