Interns Present and Past

- 2011

Erica Sabelawski

I am a senior English major at St. Michael’s College and a Core Editor of the Onion River Review. I have worked previously at Hunger Mountain Journal of the Arts in Montpelier and aspire towards a position in publishing post-graduation.

Intern - Spring 2012

April Giangrande

I am currently a sophomore at Champlain College pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Professional Writing. I am also an editor for the Champlain College Publishing Initiative and I work in the Admissions office at Champlain as a Student Ambassador. My future goals consist of becoming a copy editor and potentially owning a used bookstore in Provincetown, Massachusetts.

Intern - Summer 2012

Evan Sehr

I am a junior in the Champlain College writing program and a Vermont native.  I enjoy speculative fiction and anything that Fomite sends across my desk, and I am honored to help Fomite's authors reach their readers.

Intern - Fall 2012

John Wolfe

I'm a senior in the Professional Writing program at Champlain College, where I work as an editor for the Champlain College Publishing Initiative. I derive an unusual amount of enjoyment from editing, and I'm an avid fan of Russian literature and modern science-fiction. By this coming summer, I hope to not only have graduated, but to have a job teaching English as a second language somewhere in Asia.


Fall 2013

Kaitie Kwiatkowski

As a senior from Champlain College, I’m slowly starting to figure out how the world works. I’ve majored in Professional Writing and hope to stick my hands in everything from publishing to screenwriting, comic writing to producing. I love fiction and fantasy and look forward to spending the rest of my semester working with Fomite and the numerous other projects I’m part of.

April Patterson Clemens

I’m a senior Professional Writing major at Champlain College. I love to write fiction and play music, and have an album out on i Tunes and Pandora internet radio called Heart in a Golden Cup. I’m currently at work on my third novel and look forward to the experience with editing and publishing I’ll gain at Fomite.
Intern - Spring 2013

Anthony Bassignani

I am a senior English and History double major at Saint Michael’s College. I am Secretary of Academics for the Student Association, and Vice President of the College’s Drama Club. After graduation I am hoping to find a job in the Boston area in the publishing industry.

Intern - Summer 2013

Jenna Pacitto

I am a senior at the University of Vermont pursuing a degree in English. This year, I am the literary editor for Vantage Point, the university’s literature and art magazine, and will work as the event coordinator for UVM Transfer Affairs. I plan to do as much traveling as possible upon graduation, and hope to establish a career in publishing or editing after that.

Summer 2013

Leah Fishman

I am a senior Writing and Literature student at Burlington College. This past year, I was an editor for the college's literary magazine, The Queen City Review. Post-graduation, I hope to pursue an MFA in poetry and work towards a career in writing and editing.

ISummer 2014/Fall 2014

Drew Dean

(Susquehanna University)

Fall 2014
Brittany Valdez

Currently a senior professional writing major at Champlain College, I spent the first 18 years of my life in a small town on the Oregon coast. I am an aspiring novelist and an obsessive book collector with plans to settle in New Hampshire post graduation, where I will start on my master's degree and continue volunteering with a local fire department.

Brian Monahan

I am a senior professional writing major at Champlain College. My interest are in writing fiction, generally horror or realistic fiction, with some sci-fi here and there. When not writing, I love listening to music, watching baseball and football, and I am an avid gamer. I look forward to my post-graduation future in the summer and whatever comes my way.

Fomite welcomes one or two unpaid interns each semester.  We have worked with interns from St. Michael’s College, Champlain College, the University of Vermont, Burlington College, Goddard College and Susquehanna University.  If you are interested in a Fomite internship, email us. We’ll send you some more information and set up a time to talk with you.

We work with interns on the following types of projects:

  1. Publicity and outreach using Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media - especially preparing content to go out on a schedule

  2. Our newsletter for authors, and developing a newsletter and email list of readers and fans

  3. Book production, using InDesign & Photoshop

  4. Proof reading and copy editing

  5. Conversion of texts for ebook distribution (Kindle, Nook and other e-readers)

  6. Website design and updates

  7. Researching potential prizes for specific books, and helping with prize submissions

  8. Researching potential reviewers and interviewers for specific books

Spring 2015

Jacob Steponaitis

I’m a born and raised Vermonster, unrepentant purveyor of all things fantastical, and a soon-to-be graduate of Champlain College with a B.S. in Professional Writing. When I’m not writing or playing music, I’m probably reading or swimming. Soon, I hope to begin my graduate studies on Oahu, where I will continue to work towards publication with all the reckless fervor at my command.


Spring/Summer 2015

Nakita Floyd (Champlain College)

Cecilia Giordano

I am an aspiring editor/publisher, attending school at Goddard College. I am also an avid participant in school reform initiatives across the state. My goal is to combine those two interests by opening my own business in the future, likely to be a publishing house. For now, I continue to seek out real-world learning opportunities, like this amazing position interning at Fomite Press.


Fall 2016

Katherine Lazarus

I am a Vermonter in my senior year at University of Vermont for English. I enjoy writing, reading, traveling, and spending winter on the slopes. 


Spring 2017

Anna-Marie Forger

Anna is a senior English and Theatre double major from Saint Michael's college. Her interests range from acting and costuming to reading and writing. She has worked professionally as a stitcher/dresser as well as working in an equity costume shop. As a student, she works in the writing center on her college campus as well as in the theatre's scene shop where she helps build sets and design props for the Main Stage productions. Further, as a music minor, she has performed in several vocal ensembles and A Capella groups. As she hopes to expand her horizons to the world of publishing, Anna is excited to be working at Fomite and honing her talents towards a possible future career path.

Corinne Waters

I am a senior at St. Michael's College, working through my spring semester with Fomite.
As a Music and Psychology double major and Creative Writing minor, I thoroughly enjoy music, writing, reading, and helping stories come to life. I am currently working towards graduate school in hopes of becoming a Board Certified-Music Therapist, and still being able to write on the side. I am excited for the experiences Fomite will bring me in the world of editing and publishing.

Spring 2017

Ali Abyadh

I am a senior at Champlain College, majoring in Public Relations, graduating in May 2017. I look forward to finding a great job n my field so that I can change the world through social justice and making society today a better place.


Summer 2017

Christina Bagni

I am a Writing, Literature, and Publishing major at Emerson College. An aspiring novelist who hopes to work in the publishing field, I have worked as Editor In Chief at Emerson's Black Swan Magazine, as well as a journalist for The Boston Globe and an editorial intern at Ploughshares. Beyond writing, I am passionate about reading, travel, music, and the outdoors.

Heather McCabe

I am a sophomore English major at Kenyon College in Gambier, OH. Originally from Vermont, I am back for the summer and looking forward to gaining a deeper understanding of the publishing process as I delve into book production and editing with Fomite. In my free time, I enjoy painting, embroidery, and illustration. 

Summer 2017

Ross Cagnello

I'm a recent graduate of Champlain College with a BFA in Creative Media. I have three cats who I love like children, an addiction to strange and unusual poetry, and would very much like to be an editor some day. My ultimate goal is to find enlightenment through my and other's writing, then move to Scotland.

Jordan Upshaw

Jordan Upshaw is a student at Champlain College where she majors in Professional Writing with a double specialization in Publishing and Journalism. In addition to interning at Fomite, she also works as a library aide and a freelance editor. She hopes to work in the publishing industry after her graduation in May 2019.


Summer 2018

Ariel Wish

I am currently studying English and Creative Writing as an undergraduate at Saint Michael’s College, and am excited to assume a position next year as a Core Editor of the Onion River Review. I’m very grateful for the opportunity to learn more about the world of editing and publishing through a Fomite internship. I enjoy writing, reading, music, and spending time with my family and friends.


Summer 2018

Caitlin Barry

I am a soon to be graduate of Saint Michael’s College, with a major in English and minors in Creative Writing and Education. I am passionate about writing and editing, and hope to some day work for Penguin Random House. I am a lover of dogs, cooking, and Ben Jerry’s Chocolate Therapy.


Fall 2018

Cat Gullotta

Cat Gullotta is from Connecticut, but studies writing at Champlain College in Burlington, VT. Her short essays have appeared in Chivomengro and The Paragon Journal, and she is an editor for the online magazine The Crossover. She spends her downtime with her family, who is often the inspiration behind her poetry and nonfiction work. After college, she hopes her inspiration will also begin to stem from her future travels around the world.


Fall 2018

Mikayla Sequeira

I am a junior majoring in English and minoring in Creative Writing at Saint Michael’s College. I have a passion for publishing and editing and hope to pursue it as a potential career path. I love reading and writing in all forms, and I am very excited to work with Fomite Press this semester to further my knowledge in this field, to experience new pieces of literature, and to have fun along the way!