The Queue as of July 16, 2017

About the Queue

  1. “Ready” means that the final proofing is completed and the book is ready to publish.  Authors may choose a later pub date if they are submitting review copies, waiting for blurbs or just want a specific date for publication.

  2. Production work usually takes 2-3 months, it can be shorter or longer depending on the length of time authors take in each review cycle, the number of corrections & changes after each review, and how many rounds of print proofs are needed (each printed proof takes 7-10 days for printing and shipping).

  3. If you think you’ve been placed in the wrong category, please get in touch.

Published since December 2016  (in order of publication)

Joshua Amses – During This, Our Nadir (novel)

Harold Schweizer – Miriam’s Book  (poetry)

Claire Zoghb – Dispatches from Everest (poetry)

Neil Connelly - In the Wake of Our Vows (stories)

David Gunn - Cautionary Chronicles (odd bird)

Gregory Papadoyiannis - The Baby Jazz (novel)

Peter Schumann – We (odd bird)

Marjorie Maddox - What She Was Saying (stories)

Zdravka Evtimova - In the Town of Joy and Peace (novel)

Andreas Nolte - Mascha (German/English dual language/translation - poetry of Mascha Kaléko)

Kenneth Rosen & Richard Wilson – Gomorrah  (poetry and art)

Scott T. Starbuck  - Hawk on Wire (eco-poems)

Coleen Kearon - #triggerwarning (novel)

Seth Steinzor – To Join the Lost (poetry)

Ready or almost ready for publication  (alphabetical by author)

David Adams Cleveland - Time’s Betrayal (novel) - release date October 1, 2017

Marc Estrin –Kafka’s Roach (novel) - release date September 1, 2017

Jan English Leary - Skating on the Vertical (stories) - release date November 1, 2017

Peter Nash - Parsimony - release date September 15, 2017

Ron Savage - Voyeur in Tangier (novel) - release date November 1, 2017

Caitlin Hamilton Summie - To Lay To Rest Our Ghosts (stories) - release date August 8, 2017

Production work in process or ready to start (alphabetical by author)

Charles G. Bell - Married Land (novel - re-publication, currently out of print)

Jaimee Wriston Colbert –Vanishing Acts (novel)

Roger Coleman – Skywreck Afternoon, Volume 1 (novel)

Jim Ellefson – Under the Influence (odd bird)

Andre Guruianu - The Darkest City

Michael Horner – Damage Control  (novel)

Colin Mitchell – Roadman  (novel)

Fred Rosenblum - Vietnumb (poetry)

David Schein – The Adoption (novel)

Peter Schumann – Charlotte Salomon (odd bird)

Fred Skolnik - Americans and Other Stories (stories)

Lynn Sloan - This Far Isn’t Far Enough (stories)

L. E.  Smith  – Untimely RIPped (novel)

Susan Thomas - In the Sadness Museum (poetry)

Paolo Valesio & Todd Portnowitz – Midnight in Spoleto (poetry/dual language)

Tony Whedon  – Les Tres Riches Heures (poetry)

Next Production Group  (alphabetical by author, not the order of production)

William Benton - Eye Contact (odd bird)

Anna Blackmer – A Book of Changes (poetry)

Nothing final, work in progress….

David Brizer - Heat Loss (novel)

Sue Burton – Little Steel (poetry)

Roger Coleman – Skywreck Afternoon, Volume 2 (novel)

Clare Dolan - The Museum of Everyday Life (odd bird)

Edward Mast - Plays

Philip Ramp - Translations of contemporary Greek poets (dual language)

Julie Justicz – A Boy Called Home (novel)

Delia Bell Robinson - Child Ballads (odd bird)

Daisy Rockwell -  Hindi/English dual language/translation - stories of Upendranath Ashk

Seth Steinzor - Paradiso (poetry)

Planned projects or ideas….       

Andrew Massey

Carmen Pont - poetry

Fred Ramey - Comes A Time  (novel)

Peter Schumann -  Fiddle Lectures (text & music),  The Gardener of Earthly Delights (odd bird)

Mark Usher