Derail This Train Wreck

Cover art by Julie Forbes

Daniel Forbes


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   Not too far in our dystopian future, Mitchell Fremson finds himself an island of sanity battling a police state gone haywire. Armed only with courage, and principle, and one of the wryest wits to emerge on the literary scene in decades, Fremson leads us on a rollicking and riveting ride at once horrifying and all too plausible. Some may compare Daniel Forbes to Orwell, but the better comparisons are to Kingsley Amis and J. P. Donleavy and Evelyn Waugh – panoramic, biting satirists who recognize a world so mad that only comedy can truly capture its chaos. Derail this Train Wreck is literature’s answer to the “War on Terror.”

– Jacob M. Appel, author of

The Man Who Wouldn’t Stand Up, The Biology of Luck,

Winner of the Dundee International Book Prize

The tale of one hounded soul’s late growth to manhood in a country grown ugly.

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   Daniel Forbes embarrassed the White House with his published revelation that it paid millions to the TV networks to rewrite their scripts; he subsequently testified before the House and Senate. His journalism has won awards from Columbia University, the Society of Professional Journalists and the Drug Policy Alliance. This novel was sparked by an NYPD assault and his successful free-speech lawsuit against Lincoln Center and the cops.

   Daniel Forbes is a "brave citizen." I hope he "can somehow make a difference."

-- William T. Vollmann

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