The Co-Conspirator’s Tale

There's a place where love and mistrust are never at peace; where duplicity and deceit are the universal currency. The Co-Conspirator's Tale takes place within this nebulous firmament. There are crimes committed by the police in the name of the law. Excess in the name of revolution. The combination leaves death in its wake and the survivors struggling to find justice in a San Francisco Bay Area noir by the author of the underground classic The Way the Wind Blew: A History of the Weather Underground and the novel Short Order Frame Up.

Praise for Ron Jacobs’ writing

"Short Order Frame a finely written but disturbing novel that explores the lingering bruises on the American psyche."


"The Way the Wind an accessible, readable and compelling history of their (the Weather Underground's) activities”

Journal of American History

"Tripping Through the American informative and, well, fun (if I may be granted the liberty of using this word in reference to an act of reading)....  This is Jacobs' gift--his ability to describe world-historic events swirling around him in the simplest, most open-minded and most unfiltered way. "

Keith Rosenthal

Socialist Worker

"Ron Jacobs is one of my favorite writers...."

Dave Zirin

(author A People's History of Sports In the U.S.)


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