Everyone Lives Here

Sharon Webster

Sharon Webster is a writer and visual artist. Prior to Everyone Lives Here, her poems have appeared in seven poetry self-published chapbooks and in various journals. She has taught studio art at Community College of Vermont and worked with developmentally challenged adults at Home Base, Inc. for many years. 

The poems in Everyone Lives Here create a world of varied, yet singular voices. Speaking of a treasured friend with Down Syndrome, a partner having surgery, or a tired cleaning lady, Webster looks for the common thread and finds:

         Step after step

        is everyone’s name.

Moving through the seasons, these poems and the evocative photos of Webster’s visual artwork that accompany them are sensuously alive and watchful, on the lookout for new ways to see — and say. 

                  A loaded baseball diamond lives inside everyone

while a tiny reflection of grass in the window tells a long story

       to keep my heart



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