Published since September 2018  (in order of publication)

Peter Nash – The Perfection of Things (novel)  Release date 9/1/2018

Gail Holst-Warhaft – Lucky Country (poetry)  Release date 9/15/2018

William Benton – Eye Contact (odd bird)  Release date 10/1/2018

Colin McGinnis – Roadman  (novel)      Release date 10/10/2018

Michael Cocchiarale – Here Is Ware (stories) Release date 10/15/2018

Peter Schumann - From the Possibilitarian Arsenal of Belligerent and Not-So-Belligerent        

                                          Slogans (odd bird) Release date 10/28/2018

Arya F. Jenkins – Blue Songs in an Open Key (stories) Release date 11/1/2018

Raymond Luczak – A Babble of Objects  (poetry)    Release date 11/1/2018

Michael Horner – Damage Control  (novel) Release date 11/5/2018

George Ovitt – Stillpoint  (novel) Release date 11/13/2018

Scott Starbuck – Carbonfish Blues (poetry) Release date 12/15/2018

Joseph D. Reich – A Case Study of Werewolves  (poetry) Release date 12/27/2018

Pelham – The Walking Poor  (novel) Release date 12/28/2018

Brett Ortler – The Lessons of the Dead (poetry) Release date 1/16/2019

Peter Schumann – Diagonal Man - Volumes I & II (odd bird) Release date 1/23/2019

Ready or almost ready for publication  (alphabetical by author)

Joshua Amses – Ghats (novel)

Anna Blackmer – Hexagrams (poetry)

Antonello Borra – The Factory of Ideas (poetry/dual language)

L Brown  – Loopholes  (poetry) Release scheduled for 2/7/2019

Lorna Brown  – Treading the Uneven Road  (stories) Release scheduled for 3/15/2019

Christine Butterworth-McDermott – Evelyn As (poetry)

Scott Archer Jones – And Throw Away The Skins (novel)

Julie Justicz – Degrees of Difficulty (novel) Release scheduled for October 2019

Roger Lebovitz –Twenty Two Instructions for Near Survival (odd bird)

Gary Mesick – General Discharge (poetry)

David Schein – The Adoption  (novel)  Release scheduled for 2/4/2019          

Production work in process  (alphabetical by author)

Charles G. Bell - The Married Land (novel - re-publication, currently out of print)

Charles G. Bell - The Half Gods (novel - re-publication, currently out of print)

Gail Holst-Warhaft – Mikis Theodorakis - I Led Three Lives (dual language poetry)

Douglas Milliken – Our Shadow’s Voice (novel)

George Ovitt – Tribunal (novel)

Christopher Petersen – Amoebic Simulacra  (poetry)

Fred Ramey– Comes a Time  (novel)

Philip Ramp – It’s Overtaking Us - Poems of Aristea Papalexandrou (dual language poetry)

Joseph Rathgeber – Mixedbloods  (novel)

Next Up  (alphabetical by author, not the order of production)

Peter Fortunato – Carnevale (novel)

Lawrence Lefkowitz – Enigmatic Tales (stories)

William Marquess – (stories)

Charles Phillips – Southerners (stories)

Janice Miller Potter Thoreau’s Umbrella (poetry)

Philip Ramp – Poems of Katerina Anghelaki Rooke (dual language)

The Queue as of February 3, 2019

About the Queue

  1. “Ready” means that the final proofing is completed and the book is ready to publish.  Authors may choose a later pub date if they are submitting review copies, waiting for blurbs or just want a specific date for publication.

  2. Production work usually takes 2-3 months, it can be shorter or longer depending on the length of time authors take in each review cycle, the number of corrections & changes after each review, and how many rounds of print proofs are needed (each printed proof takes 7-10 days for printing and shipping).

  3. If you think you’ve been placed in the wrong category, please get in touch.