RED LIGHT                (current status)

We’re so overwhelmed at the moment with long submissions and second and third drafts, that we have to call a temporary halt to reading new material. Please check back soon.


If the green light is on the home page, we’re open for submissions.

At this point, I (Marc) am the only one requesting, receiving or reading manuscripts. Consequently, acceptance comes down to "what I like" -- and no accounting for tastes. If you want Fomite to consider a manuscript, email me a description of the work, the opening section, and your favorite writing in the book.


A special note about poetry submissions - we  are most interested in collections that explore a single theme, and we often include serious art - both as cover, and internal. Fomite prefers to publish poetry/art books appealing to both audiences, with combined readings/exhibitions.

ODD BIRDS: Eluding the Net of Classification

While Fomite does not generally publish non-fiction, we are willing to consider books of non-standard or mixed genres with high literary values. 


We are also interested in translations of shorter literary works in a facing page format.