Dan Chodorkoff

As It Is On Earth

Peter M. Wheelwright

The Consequence of Gesture

L. E. Smith

Rafi’s World

Fred Russell

Summer on the Cold War Planet

Paula Closson Buck

Derail This Train Wreck

Daniel Forbes

Victor Rand

David Brizer

A Free, Unsullied Land

Maggie Kast

Nothing Beside Remains

Jaysinh Birjépatil

A Great Fullness

Bob Sommer

Confessions of a Carnivore

Diane Lefer

Speckled Vanities

Marc Estrin

Thicker Than Blood

Jan English Leary

A Rising Tide of People Swept Away

Scott Archer Jones

Isles of the Blind

Robert Rosenberg

Shadowboxing with Bukowski

Darrell Kastin

Feminist on Fire

Coleen Kearon

Principles of Navigation

Lynn Sloan

The Return of Jason Green

Suzi Wizowaty

Companion Plants

Kathryn Roberts

My Father’s Keeper

Andrew Potok

The Moment Before An Injury

Joshua Amses

Dons of Time

Greg Guma

All the Sinners Saints

Ron Jacobs

Short Order Frame Up

Ron Jacobs

The Co-Conspirator’s Tale

Ron Jacobs

The Three Lives

of Jonathan Force

Richard Hawley

A Day in the Life

Tom Walker

Born Speaking Lies

Rob Lenihan

Father Figure

Lamar Herrin


March Estrin

During This, Our Nadir

Joshua Amses

The Baby Jazz

Gregory Papadoyiannis

In the Town of Joy and Peace

Zdravka Evtimova


Coleen Kearon