What We Do For Love

Ron Savage


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Praise for Ron Savage’s Writing

"Savage is an author with a rare flair for presenting high drama situations in which the political and personal intersect, sparking a deep current of excitement that is likely to take the top of your head off if you don't hold it on." 

Evergreen Review (Jim Feat, Editor) 

Ron Savage's tales--through terse, compact, suggestive phrases opens to the reader the inner world of his characters, while understatedly describing an indifferent, often harsh, world within which they are encased--take on many of the vexing issues (such as: war, violence, and the resulting physical and/or psychological trauma) of our contemporary world. His stories reveal what's going on rather then tendentiously preach about the innumerable social ills of these "end times."

Csaba Polony, editor, Left Curve.

…Both Savage's pellucid prose and great understanding of the human heart make for essential reading."

Natural Bridge, Leeli Davidson, his short story “Hollywood Suicides.”

…Savage is a gifted writer of remarkable linguistic powers."

Epiphany, Willard Cook Editor, his short story “Mr. Kobayashi”

…Savage carries us--willing--right along, and we know it's real."

Linda Swanson-Davies, co-editor, Glimmer Train Stories, his story “Baby Mine”

Ron Savage has published more than 120 stories worldwide. He is the recipient of the Editor's Circle Award in Best New Writing and was nominated for the Pushcart Prize. He has been a guest fiction editor for Crazyhorse, and he's the author of the novels Scar Keeper, Sharing Atmosphere, Cheap Meat, The Dreaming Field, Saving Face, Nasty Creatures, and Meeting on the Steps to Hades and a story collection Loving You The Way I Do.

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